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    Discovery of gloves

    Discovery of gloves
    • In 1972, Hansa Enterprise started its business with working gloves.
    • Cycling gloves in 1974.
    • In 1978, Hansa ventured into the world of leather development in the gloves product Sking Gloves as well as leather tannery according to the latest research at the time. And then in 1980, work on leather gloves and leather development began.
    • Sking Gloves, Fashion Gloves, started in 1982 with Winter Gloves.

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    Leather and Motorbike Leather Jackets, Shoes and Garments by HANSA

    Leather and Motorbike Leather Jackets, Shoes and Garments by HANSA
    • In 1984 Hansa entered the world of leather jackets and started making all kinds of motorbikes and leather jackets.
    • In 1986 Hansa Enterprises started making motorbike shoes.
    • In 1990, Hansa Enterprise was transformed into Hansa Leather Garments.
    • Hansa Leather Garments started working on CE standard development and waterproofing garments in 1995.


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    Mr. Muhammad Hanif Khan (CEO)

    Mr. Muhammad Hanif Khan (CEO)
    • From 1996-97, CEO of Hansa Leather Garments Hanif Khan was the Chairman of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce.
    • In the year 2000, a new building is being developed keeping in mind health and safety as per global standards and as per the modern requirements of the business.
    • From 2000-2001 CEO of Hansa Leather Garments Hanif khan became the Chairman of the Pakistan Gloves Manufacturers and Export Association.
    • In 2005, motorcycle fabric/leather jackets and suits were introduced.
    • Hanif Khan, the CEO of Hansa Leather Garments, became the chairman of the Sialkot International airport in 2012.


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    Modern Research and Requirements

    Modern Research and Requirements
    • In 2010, laboratory and pattern automation work was introduced according to modern research.
    • In 2013, According to the modern requirements of the motorbike boot, all modern machinery was imported from Italy.
    • In 2015 computerized plotter cutter, and testing laboratory was started to improve the quality of production.
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    • Hansa Leather Garments conducts environmental, quality, and social audits to maintain global standards and is certified by all global firms. Hansa Leather Garments Certified BSCI in 2018.
    • SA 8000 in 2019.
    • Sedex Two Pillars in 2020.
    • ISC and Sedex four pillars in 2021 and still doing all the certifications according to international standards.