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One of the pioneers that started the leather garments and apparel business was HANSA Manufacturing in 1971. Located in Sialkot, Pakistan. Mr. Muhammad Hanif Khan (CEO), quickly established HANSA Manufacturing as one of the best producers of leather garments and gloves. We create a wide variety of Motorbike textile garments, Shoes, and Gloves. Being one of the largest buyers of cowhide and sheep leather from local markets HANSA also procures synthetic fabrics and materials from the world’s top-notch suppliers. The HANSA team of highly skilled and qualified specialists is always eager to pursue new concepts, colors, designs, and innovations using incredibly complicated materials and production methods. Because product innovation plays a significant part in business growth, our faculty has merged R&D teams with skilled designers who are working hard to elevate HANSA to the next level. Our goal is to stimulate original thinking through focused efforts and also help your reputation to boost production to meet demand. The company's continued commitment to satisfying customer demand is technologically affirmed by the HANSA innovative line. The company is ready to customize, style, and safety for bikers all over the world. We being exporters of motorbike apparel, textile, gloves, and shoes keep an eye on the latest trends for various markets and our buyers always stay high in the game. HANSA is an advanced manufacturing facility for established and emerging brands.


  • Our vision is to expand our business operations around the globe, by offering the top quality motor biking safety gears.
  • We believe that ensuring the workplace and in improving Occupational Health and safety (OHS) in ethical conditions.
  • Innovate the new ranges of motorbike products to inspire the motorbike protection gears.


  • To manufacture biker protection gears as a combination of our customer's demands and the latest technology to offer the best biker protection gears and to abide by service and leather quality.
  • To support and participate in any effort to improve and expand the manufacturing of rider protection gear in accordance with laws, regulations, and codes of ethics, as well as manners and customs.
  • To develop the company's workforces by providing excellent on-the-job and off-the-job training and education in order to advance their skills and profession in the biker protection gears industry.


Hanif khan

Hanif khan

Salman Khan

Salman Khan

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Hasham Khan


How did we develop?

Leading the Industry

Leading the industry requires a refined infrastructure of manufacturing and dedicated human resource with a very clear and transparent marketing pitch which Hansa Manufacturing has as an OEM brand.


The sourcing of raw materials and digital technology is the backbone of Hansa manufacturing because we have international suppliers who constantly update us with their new developments and products.

Use artificial intelligence

Starting from a pure hand-crafting company Hansa has stepped into the automation. Constantly spending on artificial intelligence machines for cutting, sewing, tracking, etc.


Prototyping is very important for development. Hansa leather garments own in-house design, research, and development along with 3D printing for the prototyping of new products.

Supplying globally

Different markets require different products according to their requirements. We are supplying almost all continents with modifications according to their regions. We are proud global suppliers.

Following the trends

We are aware of the latest trends in the motorbike industry hence we easily develop and create the newest and trendy demands. weather in boots, gloves, or jackets we are a step ahead in following the trends.

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