HANSA manufacturing has provided a protected and solid workplace as far as sterilization, lighting, warming, ventilation, and security from fire, mishaps; injury, and harmful substances inside our work area. We keep up with workplaces liberated from provocation; separation and youngster work. HANSA is focused on friendly obligation and corporate citizenship. Our workplace is completely in proportionate with global regulations for well-being; security; climate and work code of direct. The “Hansa manufacturing” connects effectively in clinical benefits for representatives, blood gift drives, Trees Plantation drives, post-retirement useful plans, and Clean Climate and Water for people groups. The factory is completely solar-powered to keep the environment free from generator fumes and noise. The company has provided Emergency first aid training and free ambulance to the community.

Issar Welfare

CEO of HANSA manufacturing Hanif Khan is the founder member of Issar Welfare Foundation, a charity that helps people through blood banks, testing laboratories and natural calamities.

Covid Relief

HANSA provided Covid vaccine, Emergency first aid, and free ambulance to the community. We are trying our best to fulfill our duties towards society because working together and cooperating will help tackle this crisis.+

Child Labor Policy

Child labor is an issue. HANSA manufacturing focuses on this as an important implementation and monitoring properly could eventually lead to the elimination of child labor.

Charity Program

HANSA manufacturing is trying to help the children escape poverty. We are ensuring the implementation of the Program through the receipt and transfer of donations.

Clean drinking water

Water reservation is an upcoming challenge because of climate change. Hansa has provided a free clean water facility for all to contribute to environmental and social responsibility.

Green Energy

HANSA manufacturing provides 60% solar green energy. The factory is completely solar powered to keep the environment free from generator fumes and noise.